Mike Davis Pottery
Have Clay - Will Turn!
About Mike Davis Pottery

I grew up picking cotton with my family on a red clay cotton farm in Coffee County, Alabama. When it would rain, the wet red clay would squeeze up between my toes -- now stoneware clay squeezes out between my fingers. All my life I have been Just Piddlin' -- working with my hands at : Drawing; Painting; Farming; Cabinet & Furniture Building; Antique Clock Repair and now back to the Clay. From feet in the clay to hands in the clay.
I did my first work on the potter's wheel while earning a Master's Degree in Art Education at Troy State University in 1976. After teaching high school for thirty years (mostly mathematics), in 2011, I returned to the potter's wheel . I had to learn "all over again." The potter's wheel that I was using is one which I built from the transaxle from a riding lawn mower. I later purchased a good used wheel and now the homemade potter's wheel is used primarily for trim work.

Each day as I head for my pottery shop, my wife, Brenda, will ask what I am going to make that day. I just respond , "I'll decide when I get there."
Most days, you will find me in my pottery shop 'Piddlin' on the pottery wheel. Some potters say they turn pottery while others say they throw pottery on the wheel. And, some say they burn their work in the kiln while others say they fire their pottery. Since I'm just 'Piddlin', either of the terms works for me.

I have no poetic philosophy concerning my work -- I just know that it is enjoyable and I get a 'Kick' out of each kiln opening. I'm still trying different techniques on the wheel -- still looking for a better way-- still exploring.

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