Mike Davis Pottery
Have Clay - Will Turn!
"Then I went down to the potter's house, and,
behold, he wrought a work on the wheels."

Potter's Method
My pottery is made on the pottery wheel or hand made with slabs from my homemade slab roller. Each piece is high quality usable pottery made with stoneware clay and glazed with food safe glazes. Every item that I make is unique -- not "just like" any other.
I try to gain inspiration for my pottery from older folk artists as well as potters with whom I come in contact. However, their work is not copied exactly. Their designs are altered to fit my technique. A pitcher is a pitcher is a pitcher -- the overall concept is basically the same but it is changed to fit the potter's method.
Mike Davis Pottery
Wheel Turned & Hand Made Stoneware
Mike taught Mathematics, Art and Music in Alabama public schools for 30 years. After retiring, he has been rebuilding antique clocks and turning pottery in his old woodworking shop. Now, the pottery wheel takes up the most of his time. He uses two pottery wheels and three kilns in his work. He purchased a new Olympic gas-fired kiln in the Spring of 2015 in order to be able to do reduction glaze firing.
He turns a variety of pottery forms on the wheel.
A few of those forms are:
Piggy Banks